Foster innovation of the maritime surveillance


Promenade promotes collaborative exchange of information

Between maritime surveillance authorities

Promenade will increase the results achieved within previous and on-going research activities

Through AI and Big Data technologies

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Promenade project - EU H2020

ImPROved Maritime awarENess by means of AI and BD mEthods

Optimize maritime information

European waters are navigated daily by 12 000 vessels approximately, which share their positions to avoid collisions, generating a huge number of positional messages every month. It is important that this overabundance of information will not overwhelm the marine operators in charge for decision-making.

Collaborative exchange

Promenade promotes collaborative exchange of knowledge between maritime surveillance authorities, advancing market exploitation, cutting down the time to market and guaranteeing compliance with legal and ethical regulations and norms.

AI for Threat detection

The use of Artificial Intelligence allows the analysis of a large amount of data, improve surveillence capabilities and make it possible to detect threats at a global scale before reaching EU waters.

New technologies

Promenade will foster new technologies to provide to the Border Guards Authorities a toolkit for automatic vessel detection, tracking and bahavioural analysis.


Promenade will increase the maturity of previous and on-going research activities

Main objectives are:

  • To develop new technologies
  • To enhance the research results undertaken in previous H2020 projects
  • To facilitate collaboration among maritime surveillance agencies
  • To shorten the adoption time to innovative technologies by the Border Guards Authorities
  • To ensure compliance of all the project activities with legal and ethical regulations and norms.


Promenade is proud to announce its participation, joining the group of Co-Organising projects, in the upcoming RISE-SD 2023 in Rhodes on May 29-31. The event is organized jointly by CERTH (GR), BDI (BG), and Satways Ltd (GR) in cooperation with several European R&D projects of Horizon (2020 & E.U.), EDF, and ISF. An...
PROMENADE consortium organized a webinar for External End-users on March 13th and 14th. The purpose of the webinar was to present the PROMENADE services toolkit and display their work in maritime and border surveillance domain. In the first day technical partners presented the infrastructure, the data sources...
24 / Mar / 2023
Mr. Alkis Astyakopoulos, PROMENADE project manager, participated at the CERIS Workshop: “Methods and examples of piloting and validation of innovative border management solutions” organized by DG-HOME in Brussels on 9th March 2023. In the second session of the Workshop, he presented practical experiences from the PROMENADE- EUH2020...

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Promenade media archive

Collection of materials related to the project: deliverables, presentations and reports on past events


Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy
Guardia Civil - Spain
Lituania State Border Guard Service
French Navy - Marine Nationale
Ingeniería de Sistemas para la Defensa de España
GMV Aerospace and Defence
Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology
Transcrime - Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore
Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation
ReMedia Italy
Developing a positive, mutually beneficial relationship between stakeholders from different countries and sectors will guide the evolution of activities and will help us work together to increase the results of previous EU Security Research activities.
Nestor Project
We had the chance to investigate users' interest toward our tool to identify risk factors in the ownership structures of companies involved, that we will develop during the project.
1st Promenade Workshop on User Requirements

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