Promenade External End-User Webinar


PROMENADE consortium organized a webinar for External End-users on March 13th and 14th.

The purpose of the webinar was to present the PROMENADE services toolkit and display their work in maritime and border surveillance domain.

In the first day technical partners presented the infrastructure, the data sources and the adaptors used in the project, emphasising the innovation, the added value, and the benefits that PROMENADE would bring for the surveillance of the seas.

To better explain the functioning of PROMENADE services, Classification services and Risk assessment Services were presented, arousing the curiosity of some webinar participants.

In the second day, technical partners presented Pattern Detection services and Future State Prediction services, projecting physical examples on the screens for a better explanation and understanding of the services.

We would like to thank the technical partners for the consistent presentations, our partner SatCen for the outstanding organization and the people who attended for suggestions and feedback for the possible application of the PROMENADE Services Toolkit.