Promenade first tests with the patrol van in Corfu Island


Last week, representatives from HCG, KEMEA and STWS participated in the first technical tests of PROMENADE Toolkit that took place at Corfu Island, where the Hellenic trial will take place in February 2023.

Thanks to PROMENADE project, a patrol van of HCG has been entirely renovated and equipped with innovative maritime sensors (radar, thermal camera, AIS, mobile C2 etc.) integrated in real time with the HCG legacy systems at strategic level. The tests were performed with the support of three (3) HCG vessels from Corfu/Igoumenitsa and covered connectivity issues, vessel tracks identification, video recording etc. enabling the exploitation of new artificial intelligence-based services for maritime situation awareness related to target detection and classification, vessel tracking, behaviour analysis, risk assessment, automatic anomaly detection and prediction of future state.

The first tests have been performed with great success and now the Consortium focuses on the preparation of the official trial which aims to exploit AI and BD technologies demonstrating the advanced CISE-compliant solutions of PROMENADE to improve vessel tracking and continuously detect abnormal behaviour patterns of vessels used for smuggling and human trafficking in the Ionian Sea.