Promenade project - EU H2020

Optimize maritime information

European waters are navigated daily by 12 000 vessels approximately, which share their positions to avoid collisions, generating a huge number of positional messages every month. It is important that this overabundance of information will not overwhelm the marine operators in charge for decision-making.

Collaborative exchange

Promenade promotes collaborative exchange of knowledge between maritime surveillance authorities, advancing market exploitation, cutting down the time to market and guaranteeing compliance with legal and ethical regulations and norms.

AI for Threat detection

The use of Artificial Intelligence allows the analysis of a large amount of data, improve surveillence capabilities and make it possible to detect threats at a global scale before reaching EU waters.

New technologies

Promenade will foster new technologies to provide to the Border Guards Authorities a toolkit for automatic vessel detection, tracking and behaviour analysis.

Promenade objectives


Develop new technologies that will provide Border Guards Authorities with an open service-based Toolkit by implementing innovative algorithms for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applied to maritime surveillance reporting systems, databases and other information sources according to the Big Data perspective.

Build up on previous research

Build up on previous H2020 research projects, taking advantage of their results and enhancing them.

Facilitate a fruitful collaboration

Facilitate a fruitful collaboration among adjacent and cross-border agencies operating in the maritime surveillance sphere leading to cost efficient usage of existing resources, including integration with CISE.

Shorten the adoption time

Shorten the adoption time to innovative technologies by the Border Guards Authorities demonstrating and validating project developments in 3 operational trials and 1 simulated trial.

Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance of all the project activities with legal and ethical regulations and norms.

Promenade overview

The Promenade toolkit is distributed across several categories:

  • Classification applied in the maritime domain, related to vessel detection, classification, route classification, activity classification and oil spill detections.
  • Pattern detection, through the definition of rule and non-rule-based pattern detection.
  • Risk assessment that is specialized through the risk detections in vessel behavior.
  • Future state prediction, related to the prediction of vessel movement.
  • Data Infrastructure which includes the data lake that allows the storage, processing, and distribution in a Big Data environment, and the CISE Data Exchange, that allows to communicate the data with the external CISE Network.

Promenade will increase the maturity of previous and on-going research activities

The Promenade toolkit will be tested and validated in 3 operational trials:

  • Iberian Trial
    Seizure of drugs
  • Hellenic Trial
    Detection of smuggling and people trafficking
  • Baltic Trial
    Seizure of excise goods