List of Partners
Special Service of European Union Structural Funds of the Hellenic Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy

Project Coordinator, leader of WP1, task T1.1 Project coordination.

End-user for the Hellenic trial (people smuggling)

Guardia Civil (Ministry of Interior)

Leader of T2.2: User Requirements and Technical Specifications and T6.2 Iberian Trial.

End-user and leader for the Iberian trial seizure of drugs.

Lituania  State Border Guard Service

End-user for the Baltic trial Seizure of excise goods

French Navy (Marine Nationale)

End-user and contributor to user requirements and validation activities


Technical Coordinator (TC): leader of WP5, T5.1 Test Architecture, Sensor and Data Integration, T5.4 Factory Integration and Testing of Trial Configurations, T7.3 IPR Management and Exploitation plan and T7.4. Standardization

Leader of the simulated trial.

Technology contributor: HPC integration platform for the project and Maritime Digital Twin model.

Kemea Center for Security Studies

Project Manager (PM), Ethics and Legal Officers (ELOs), Project Security Officer (PSO), leader of WP2 T1.2: Project Management, Quality Control and Risk Management, T1.4: Research Ethics Management, T2.5 Legal Context Analysis, T2.6: Operational Scenarios & Trials Definition and T6.3 Hellenic trial T7.2 Workshops Coordination 

Leader of operational scenarios and trial definition

Ingeniería de Sistemas para la Defensa de España

Leader of WP6 trials planning, execution, and assessment and task T6.1 Operational Trials context

GMV Aerospace and Defence

Innovation and Exploitation Coordinator (IEC): leader of: WP3, T1.3: Innovation Management, T3.1: Overall Design and Architecture, T4.2 Classification services development, T5.2 Definition and Implementation of Integration Platforms, T5.3. Definition of System Configurations for Each Trial, T6.5 Trials Validation and Evaluation

Technology contributor: beacon analysis, satellite imagery analysis, data fusion, threat assessment.


Leader of task T3.5 Future State Prediction Services Design and T4.4 Risk Assessment Services for vessels’ related entities development

Technology contributor: real time holistic risk identification and assessment.


Leader of WP4, and of T2.3: Interaction with Existing/Legacy Systems and the CISE environment, T3.3: Pattern Detection Services Design and T4.1. Infrastructure development 

Technology contributor: pattern detection and abnormal vessel behaviors services.

SATCEN European Union Satellite Centre

Leader of T2.1 User Community Interactions


Leader of T2.4: Innovative use of additional data source, T3.2: Classification services Design and T4.3. Pattern Detection Services development

Technology contributor: heuristics and machine-learning mechanisms for behavioral analysis

Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology

Leader of Task T6.4 Baltic trial

Technology contributor: Vessel detection in image data

Transcrime - Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore

Leader of task T3.4. Risk Assessment Services for vessels’ related entities Design

Technology contributor: risk assessment for vessels and vessels’ related entities.

Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation

Leader of task T4.5 Future State Prediction Services development

Technology contributor: Advanced prediction of vessel position.

Evaluator of human-system integration

ReMedia Italy

Dissemination and Communications Officer (DCO), leader of WP7 and T7.1 Dissemination and Communication