Security practitioners and solution providers discussed and presented solutions on border management.

The MEDEA project funded by the European Commission hosted an online event on 9th of March 2022. The aim of this event was to gather security practitioners and solution providers in order to discuss identified gaps, innovative solutions and ideas related with Border Management and Surveillance as well as to enhance the interaction between practitioners and technology suppliers.

During this event, to 13 technology providers were given the floor to present their solutions and ideas.

MEDEA project online event

In the context of potential synergies with other EU-funded projects, partners from the PROMENADE consortium participated it this event and presented their solutions which correlated with the PROMENADE activities.

More specific the solutions that presented were detailed above:

  • ENGAGE BME: Next Generation Integrated Border Management System presented by Satways partner;
  • Data Exchange and Exploitation in the Maritime Domain by GMV partner.

Presentation and more information about the event can be reached HERE.